August 1, 2011

Billy gals and their hair!

I remember the first time I cut my hair shorter than any girl in my family dared go... to my SHOULDERS! The horror! I know.

I was about 12 years old and feeling adventurous by Midwest standards - and by the way my grandmother, aunts and cousins reacted, you would have thought I channeled Sinead O'Connor and went bald. Long hair equals pretty where I'm from, and short hair - well, it's just not pretty! And they certainly didn't let me forget it. I think my grandma's first reaction went something like "Well... it's different. So do you like it?", with a look of complete confusion on her face. Considering my earliest memories at my grandparents house is of grandma watching Dolly Parton and Crystal Gale music videos on TNN literally ALL DAY, I now get it.

PS - if you remember that TNN was the country music channel before CMT ever took off, then you know what I'm talking about folks.

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