January 1, 2012

Happy 2012 from the Daily Billy! A little word about my "resolution"....

A long time believer of making year-round resolutions (not just one over-hyped day a year), I rarely put much effort into the whole resolution thing... but this year it's time to start paying attention to the things that make me happy. And the Daily Billy simply makes me happy. As I've always said - this blog truly comes from a place of love, reuniting with my roots if you will, and giving the billy ways of home a nod. Embracing that down-home, very different but just as beautiful place that I'm from. I always believe if you are "in on the joke", it's not offensive, it's simply being honest. There are flaws to any place in the world, and though I have gripes about many things I believe should be changed/updated where I come from, I am also incredibly proud to be from a part of America that puts family first, is patriotic, takes pleasure in the "small things" and loves the slower pace of life. I am who I am because of growing up there, and the Daily Billy reminds me to laugh at both the good and the bad.

I just spent an epic couple of weeks traveling to Lake Tahoe for the holidays, back to Southern California, then back to Palm Springs for New Years festivities. As I drove through Central California (which I remind you all, is as Billy as you can get - I promise you) and even made it into Nevada from Tahoe, you realize how diverse this country really is. Gun shops galore as soon as we crossed into Nevada, pickup trucks and dive bars as far as the eye can see, and Walmart of course. I still have to refrain from stopping when I see a Walmart - to "just see if I need anything." That vein will never stop pulsing in my body. I love Walmart. And maybe I went to Olive Garden. Twice.

But we Amuurricans sometimes forget Billy's are world wide. I came across this "Happy Holidays" banner online for a gun shop in the UK today. As I laughed at it, I realized I've let the DB go over the past months, and that's just nonsense. Even if I have 13 followers and I know 90% of that are my lovely friends who just miss their hillbilly "homes" as well, it still makes me laugh to find gems to post on the Billy. So I'm back in 2012 - and will make a big effort to look for billies all over the world, not just us Budweiser drinkers that have transplanted elsewhere in the States. Let's keep this going!!

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