January 12, 2012

Shit White Trash Girls Say....

Shocked that in this over-saturated moment of every schmo with a Flip cam making their own version of the "Shit Girls Say" video (just FYI -I'd be pissed if I came up with that original concept - which was actually FUNNY - and now have to watch all these fucktards rip it off).... I'm shocked that no one has yet to do a "Shit Hillbilly Girls Say" or the like. Which had me thinking, what DO my ladies w. the classy WT genes say?

"Hold on Bobby Sue, Momma's gotta beer up."
"Where in the hayyyaalll is my jean vest!?"
"I'm so pissed ya'll - my unemployment check isn't here yet. But - check out these new Nikes I got today."
"Get some more box wine! The pink shit!"
"Ya'll want rabbit tonight?"
"My perm's all grown out. Shit."
"I can't wait for summer - we gonna blow up the pool and buy some of them plastic palm trees from Big Lots for the back yard. Gonna look like Floreeeda up in here."
"We're done outta Hamburger Helper. I'll just make some of that there Mac'n cheese and crumble some pig in there."
"Git them dogs off the water bed! You know that shit'll pop!"
"I really love these sparkle earring thangs they put on my nails today."
"Get the quads started - we're goin' muddin!"
"Pack up the Buds and git in the truck, we're going to Walmart!"
"That thang got a Hemi???"
"4 red headed sluts and a sixer of Bud Light."
"God dammit - did you kids steal my Reds?"
"Who deflated the intertube again!? Where in the hell am I supposed to put my cooler?!"
"Daddy wants family day - git your guns and git in the truck."
"Did ya'll see Jessie's new Trans Am? Got flames on the side, shit's NIIIIIIIICCCCCCEEEE."
"Me and Sally got all signed up at Curves today. You know, the one next to the Piggly Wiggly. I'm gonna look like them movie stars."
"I saw the funniest shit today - Debbie got truck nuts! You seen them things?!"
"Mmm I love deer chili."

What am I missing!?!? Send to dailybilly@gmail.com!!

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