May 9, 2012

White Trash Hot

It's a real thing people. It's a little like the "Homeless or Hot" game we play in LA... and the entire hipster movement that we've seen happen in the past decade. I'd love to say the grunge movement in my formative years led me to love the occasional trashy-looking gent, but we can look back on some of the most idolized musicians, actors, authors & painters of the world and see a trend. White Trash can be hot and though it's not a look many of are proud to openly run to, let's discuss a few of my faves. 1. PAM ANDERSON. Now that's white trash, and that's hot. I'm a straight woman by the way. And would never negate a man's desire for these plastic boobies, bleached hair, plumped fake lips and chicken legs.
2. DAVE GROHL. Funny white trash takes hillbilly to a whole new level. 3. KID ROCK. Detroit white trash really takes it up a notch. OK - I have to stop now because I just realized what a "thing" this is - maybe I need a monthly update to my White Trash Hot list. The Daily Billy loves hillbilly men - shocker. Who is YOUR favorite White Trash Hottie?

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