July 10, 2011

Hillbillies unite! It's story time!

Well folks - I have some serious love for my white trash Midwest roots, no matter how much it horrifies me from time to time. I may live in a far away place now, a far more liberal and educated land - but you can't take away those roots. I often share some amazing laughs & story time with my Midwest and Southern friends, and as they tell their own ridiculous stories and updates from "home" - it's become clear that these things need to be shared with the world. Many of my friends & fam from "back home" continue to amaze me with their billy Facebook & blog posts, and my mother and friends send me into shock and fits of laughter at the same time with their stories ala "you'll never believe it, Bobby got tasered leaving the bar last night" to "holy s*$#, guess who got knocked up, again", or the ever wonderful arrest/jail stories. C'mon people - you know the type. You grew up with 'em, you've lived next door to 'em, you call many of 'em friend/sister/brother/cousin/uncle. Hell, you were probably spawned from 'em. Let's be honest - we all love a good Billy story.

Welcome to The Daily Billy, where I will be posting daily "Billy" laughs. Some will be personal, and those names will be changed to protect said Billies. Others will be amazing Billy videos, memories, stories I hear, photos, jokes - the Billy world is our oyster. So crack a Bud Light, get yer kids out of the above ground pool in time for dinner (yesterday's walleye catch of course) and let's all gather 'round for some Hillbilly fun!

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