July 19, 2011

Redneck Weddings!

If you haven't watched MY BIG REDNECK WEDDING on CMT, do yourself a favor - watch this show. ASAP.

A few years ago, someone in my family chose camouflage as their wedding color (seriously), and as horrified as I was by that - I do hope that only a select handful of very, very special Billies have seen wedding celebrations to the level of the CMT weddings. One of my favorites covered a white-trash-carnival-themed wedding (their own words), complete with a dunk tank full of... BEER. A self-proclaimed "Redneck Elvis" officiated the wedding. I will share many more of my favorite videos from the show down the line, but for now enjoy this lovely teenage married couple from Tennessee, getting a little bonus to their 15-minutes of fame with the local news station covering their story. Only a real Billy man would buy the wifey her own PINK RIFLE with their show earnings. Classy move.

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